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Many players still ask whether it is about skill or luck when it comes to online gambling. This question has been asked so many times even before there were online casinos because it applies to land-based casinos. However, in this article, we will be looking at it from the perspective of online gambling.

Online gambling is based on both luck and skill. However, the skill part does not apply to all casino games. There are some casino games where no skill can improve your chances of winning, which is all about luck. Casino games such as video poker and blackjack are some of the games that are also known to require skill for you to win.

As a result, needing skill, luck, or both depends on the casino game you choose to play. So, when you decide on which casino game you want to play, check whether it is solemnly based on luck, or you can also use skill to improve your chances of winning.

online gambling a skill or luck

Casino Games that Require Skill

As we have mentioned, there are casino games where you can use skills to improve your chances of winning. Below we have listed the games where you can use skills to win.


There are many poker variations, but all of them are played differently, with the common thing being that you win with a certain hand ranking. You will need to know which cards to keep and discard to have the winning hand. This is the basic strategy to know when playing any poker game. What’s more, to improve your poker skills, you will need to understand the whole game.


Blackjack is a casino game with the lowest house edge, and you can reduce it even further by using skill and strategies. You will find a lot of strategy charts online that guide you on how to play certain hands that are dealt. There is the basic strategy that all blackjack players know, but there is also an advanced strategy for more experienced players.

Casino Games Based on Luck

The casino games that fall under this category have no strategies that you can use to improve your chances of winning. This means that you are working with luck to get to win.


Every casino player knows that slots are based on luck. These games use the Random Number Generator (RNG), which gives results independent of previous or future spins. This is to make sure that the games are fair. The casino games also have a Return to Player (RTP) percentage to let you know how much you stand to get back if you play using a specific amount and how many times.


There might be a lot of tips and tricks that you can find on the internet that claim to help you win at baccarat. However, no strategy can improve your chances of winning this casino game. Luck is a big playing factor when it comes to playing baccarat. You will keep betting on a specific hand, hoping that it will eventually win.

Skill and Luck Casino Games

There are also casino games for players who want to take their chances on both luck and skill.


Once you understand the game’s rules, you can anticipate some of the best numbers. However, this does not guarantee a win. What’s more, the different variations have a different house edge. The different variations also have strategies or rules that only apply to the game, which means you can improve your chances of winning when you follow them.


So, there is no clear-cut way to say that online gambling is based only on luck or skill because it depends on the casino game you choose to play. This means that more than anything, you need to understand the kind of game that you are playing to understand whether it is a game of skill or luck. So, rather study the game you are interested in to understand it better.