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Casino gambling is surrounded by many rules and regulations, figuring out which state actually allow you to gamble online can get confusing.

For starters, the casino gambling laws in the United States have placed gambling at a federal level. What this means is that each state has the right to regulate land-based or online gambling.

Remember that gambling is a rather broad term. It includes placing bets on games of chance or skill or even sports betting. Therefore, each state will regulate this facet differently. We have created a one-stop guide on states that have regulated casino gambling online.

Below you will find all the states that have legalized online gambling or are planning too in the near futures.

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Legal Casino Gambling

Until 2011, states were prohibited from regulating or legalizing online gambling. This was because of the federal act, which was interpreted as applying to all forms of gambling. When this changed, a few States took the opportunity to legalize casino gambling. This allowed enthusiast like you to enjoy your favorite casino games online.

Here are the states that permit online casino gambling.

  • Delaware – This may shock many players however; Delaware is one of the first States that permitted online gambling within its state. Casino gambling online was launched in November 2013.
  • New Jersey – NJ currently has the largest online gambling market and has legalized over a dozen online casino sites.
  • Pennsylvania – Casino gambling launched in July 2019 with a large number of the land-based casinos rolling out virtual casino sites.
  • West Virginia – In July 2020, the West Virginia lottery interactive wagering act open an opportunity for the state to launch casino sites. So, in future, this state could be home to a number of virtual casinos.
  • Michigan – Michigan’s Governor signed legislation to legalize online casinos, online poker rooms online sports betting at the end of 2019.

States to Legalize Casino Gambling Online

Web-based casino gambling is growing at a rapid rate, so it comes as no shock that many other states will most likely legalize online gambling in a few years or months to come. Some states have legalized casino gambling, or others have focused on web-based online poker gambling.

When it comes to the regulation of virtual casinos and online poker, progress is slow, but there is some hope. So, there are a few other states that are most likely to pass legislation authorizing real money casinos online. Here’s a list of those States:

  • California
  • Illinois
  • Connecticut
  • Indiana,
  • Nevada
  • Massachusetts
  • New York

Legalizing Online Poker

If you are an avid poker player and would like to play poker online, you won’t be able to do so in just any state.  Similarly, to casino gambling, only a few states offer online poker.

  • Nevada
  • West Virginia
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan

Sports Betting In America

Sports Betting Online

In terms of casino gambling, you are not limited to playing online roulette, blackjack or poker. In fact, there is a good number of states that have legalized online sports betting as well. The number of states that have legalized online sports betting is over and above states that have legalized casino gambling.

You will be able to place bets on the AFL, NFL, MLB, football, baseball and many other sporting events. Here’s a list of the states that have legalized online sports betting in their state.

  • Montana
  • Rhode Island
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • Iowa
  • West Virginia
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Colorado
  • Virginia
  • Michigan
  • Illinois
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey

The rolling out of online sports betting began in 2010, with Nevada being the first state to launch online sports betting. A number of states have regulated online sports betting between then and now, allowing you to place bets on your favorite sports online.

Lottery Casino Gambling

The lottery is one of the most popular casino gambling options for US players. Whether it is at regulated outlets ed or online, it is hard to think of a state that does not offer the lottery. The lottery is also one of the most prominent gambling forms to be legalized by many states.

There are dozens of states that have legalized online lottery and currently offer legal lottery sales online. You will find that the state Lottery online offers a range of lottery products such as the Powerball, Mega Millions, Keno games or other draw games. Not only can you place bets on their website; however, you can also check the recently drawn numbers.

Online lotteries have been spreading online and gaining popularity quietly. With that, there are a number of states which offer popular lottery products, such as

  • Michigan
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Hampshire.

Final Thought

Well, there you have it, a list of states that allow you to place bets online. So, whether you’re looking to play online poker, online roulette, online blackjack or any other casino game online, there are a few legal casino sites that you can visit to do so.

If you live in a state that we have not mentioned on the above page, we would suggest that you do your research before placing any bet online. This also goes for online sports betting. Remember that there are still rules and regulations in place that you must follow as a player when gambling in any state.

Once you’re sure that the state you’re living in that allows you to place wagers online. You will also find top-rated casino sites that we have reviewed to play at.