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Which casino games are beatable if any at all? What does it mean to say a casino game is beatable? Well considering the phrase the house always wins is it even possible to beat a casino game? The answer is yes. They are casino games where you can beat the house. These are casino games where not everything is up to chance. You have to balance skill, strategy and luck. Most of these games are casino card games like blackjack, poker and Baccarat. Video poker is also a great game where you can beat the casino. All the games that we have mentioned have strong strategies where you can use the cards you’re dealt with and a betting strategy to win.

Which Casino Games Can Be Beaten

Easy Casino Games to Win

The top two casino games which are beatable are video poker blackjack.

How is it possible to beat video poker?

Video poker aims to have the best five-card poker hand possible. Although the cards are handed out using RNG from a video poker machine, the possible outcomes are fixed. This is because video poker uses a standard 52 card deck. Therefore, you can calculate the odds of getting a particular hand or a particular card. Additionally, when these cards get handed out, you get to hold on to the cars that you want and discard those that you don’t want. This gives you control over what hand you get. Depending on how much money or coins you bet you could play until you got the perfect hand. What’s more video poker has variations where players can get full pay that is getting maximum profit without any losses at all.

Blackjack is also another casino game to beat. Although you do not have control over which cards you get in blackjack, there are various strategies which have been known to work completely to beat the game. Most popular is the blackjack card counting strategy which works best when you’re playing at a land-based casino. Card-counting is a real-time strategy of calculating the odds of getting a certain card next. With card counting, you can bet confidently on whose hand will win. We have a complete section on how card counting blackjack works you should check it out and see if you could try it on your next blackjack game. Additionally, many blackjack players have made life-changing winds such as the man who broke Atlantic City, winning millions on one blackjack game. This is a testament to the fact that blackjack is a casino game you can beat.