Why Card Counting Doesn’t Always Work in Online Blackjack

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If you are wondering why card counting doesn’t always work in online blackjack games, you have come to the right place. It’s somewhat well-known that card counting is one strategy that can help you get good results in blackjack games. However, there are some reasons why card counting doesn’t always work.

Moreover, counting systems require certain types of conditions to be useful in blackjack games. The catch is that these conditions aren’t always present when you’re playing online. While some blackjack games on the internet do have the required conditions, most do not. You have to learn to spot the differences that matter if you’re looking to use a card counting system when you’re playing blackjack online.

Why Card Counting Doesn't Always Work

Card Counting Relies on Live Playing Environment

A lot of the things that card counting relies on is a live playing environment. For example, most live blackjack games only use a few decks. The most regularly used in a live game is eight. The fewer the decks, the more likely it is that you’ll gain an advantage using card counting.

In a live environment, table space and other logistic factors limit the number of decks used in a game. However, in online games, these restrictions are lifted since the cards are virtual. Thus, giving reason to why card counting doesn’t always work online. It’s not uncommon for games to use 100, 200, or more decks in online blackjack casinos.

The longer it takes for a dealer to shuffle the shoe, the more likely you will be able to get an advantage with the results of card counting. Again, in live games, this is necessary because it takes so long to shuffle a deck.

However, in online blackjack games, the dealer can shuffle the shoe after every single hand without any negative consequences for the house. Essentially, card counting is effectively shut out as a strategic option in these games because you can’t ever get an advantage on the very first hand of a new shoe.

Card Counting Basic Strategy

Overall, basic strategy and solid mental training to minimize your deviations from the basic strategy are the best weapons you have in online blackjack games. Your overall goal is to minimize the house advantage and maximize your payout rate.

While it’s possible to count cards at blackjack tables at online USA casinos, you have to pick games with very specific characteristics. In short, you can’t pick games that have too many decks or that shuffle too often. This rules out the vast majority of blackjack games on the market, so you have to pick carefully.

What About Online Live Dealer Blackjack?

You can be able to play live dealer blackjack at online casinos. An actual dealer is allocated to your table, and it is streamed live to you. So, since this offers a similar experience to land-based casinos, can you be able to count cards? It can be possible to count the casinos. You won’t even draw any attention to yourself because the floor supervisors and pit bosses are not there to keep an eye on you.

However, this does not mean that the casino sites are not aware of this. As a result, they instruct their dealers to shuffle the cards before reaching 75% of the shoe. Most casinos will shuffle the cards when the shoe is has been dealt 50%. You can still be able to take advantage.

Why Card Counting Doesn’t Always Work: Conclusion

If you are playing an online blackjack game that uses a fewer deck of cards, it can be easy to count cards. Even more so when you are playing live dealer blackjack on the internet. However, you will have to do a thorough search to find blackjack games with fewer decks of cards.

If you want to resort to much easier ways of improving your chances of winning blackjack online, go with the basic strategy. It is much easier to use the strategy on any version of the game.